A Missing Rear Molar Can Often Be Replaced by a Dental Implant

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The eight large molars in the back of your mouth play a critical role in grinding and processing the foods you eat. If one is lost to dental trauma or severe tooth decay, it can significantly impair your oral function. First molars, residing immediately behind your premolars, can often be replaced by a piece of bridgework. This restoration will be anchored on abutments created from your last premolar and the rear molar.

Unfortunately, when a rear molar is lost, there is no corresponding back tooth to secure anchor a piece of bridgework. In a situation like this, the only viable option for restoring the tooth’s presence in your mouth is to have Dr. Paul Best perform a dental implant restoration at his Portland, Maine clinic.

This is a two-phase restoration where a titanium abutment is installed directly into the underlying bone. Once it attains total fusion with the surrounding bone tissues, Dr. Paul Best can cement a crown onto it. This will replicate the natural feel and strength of the original tooth.

Once the crown is cemented onto the titanium abutment, the fully restored molar will serve you for many years to come.

If you live in the Portland, Maine area and you need a molar restored, you should call 207-775-6348 to set up a consultation with Dr. Paul Best.