Be Confident! Get Veneers!

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Coffee, soda, tea, wine, berries – is there anything that doesn’t stain your teeth? Believe it or not, these substances and many others can stain your teeth, and those stains can be very hard to remove once they’ve breached your tooth enamel.

Are your teeth stained or misshaped? If so, dental veneers might be a great option for you. Veneers are tiny, porcelain shells that replace the face of teeth to improve their shape and color.

Let’s suppose that a patient of Prosthodontics Associates, P.A. is suffering from excessively stained or misshaped teeth. In a case like this, Dr. Paul Best might recommend restoring the appearance of the affected teeth with a porcelain dental veneer. During the installation of the veneers, Dr. Paul Best and/or a member of our team will remove a bit of tooth enamel from the faces of the teeth to be beautified. The subsequent grooves create texture for bonding the veneers, which will then be put in place with dental adhesive.

The result of the veneers installation is a beautified exterior of the teeth and an improved appearance of the patient’s smile. Do you live in the Portland, Maine, area? Are your teeth stained or misshaped? If so, please call us at 207-775-6348 now to schedule a veneers consultation. We can’t wait to see you!