Caring for Your Smile With Dental Veneers

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Are you unhappy with the look of your smile? Is it because of the condition of your teeth? Did you know that an entire branch of dentistry known as cosmetic dentistry exists to help invigorate and enhance the visual aspects of your oral health? If you have any issues with your teeth, a highly effective treatment to consider is dental veneers.

Dental veneers consist of thin shells that are applied directly to the fronts of teeth. Single dental veneers are durable enough to last up to 10 years. Even if you have multiple teeth that require restorations, multiple dental veneers can be placed on your smile to give you the smile makeover you’ve always wanted.

If you’ve always wanted to enhance your smile with natural-looking prosthetic shells, dental veneers are highly effective options to consider. They are also stain-resistant to ensure any stains and discolorations that would normally damage your tooth enamel are minimized. However, if you have extensive tooth decay or wear, it may not be wise to seek out dental veneer treatments until the underlying ailments are corrected.

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