Find the Mouthwash that Fits Your Smile’s Needs

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With all the different types of mouthwash on the market today, it is important to find the mouthwash that fits your smile’s needs. Not only are mouthwashes designed to improve the smell of your breath, but they can clean your teeth, strengthen your tooth enamel, and even whiten your smile. Always use a mouthwash that can help accomplish the needs you desire. Listed below are a few types of mouthwash you should try:

For fluoride supplementation: Mouthwash can include fluoride as an added ingredient, thanks to its cavity-fighting power and ability to help protect tooth enamel.

For combating halitosis: Mouthwash can fight the effects of halitosis, often referred to as bad breath, by removing odor-causing residue and bacteria.

For whiter teeth: Mouthwash can contain special ingredients designed to eliminate stains or discolorations and improve the look of your smile.

For a clean smile: Mouthwash is best used after eating to help neutralize harmful acids, limit the damage of tooth sensitivity, wash away harmful bacteria, and freshen your breath.

All-purpose and multi-functional mouthwash: Mouthwash can have more than one benefit, so mix and match to determine which products work best for you.

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