Rebranding Your Smile: Dental Crowns

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Have you ever heard of a dental crown before? Dental crowns are cosmetic dentistry treatments that are designed to drastically improve your oral health. Through the use of a dental crown, you can improve your smile and help restore bites stability. Dental crowns are designed to be placed over the top of damaged teeth to not only restore the look of your smile but also to provide further protection for a damaged tooth.

Due to the fact that a single dental crown can conceal a tooth on all sides down to the gum line, it can drastically improve your oral health and lower your risk for several problems and issues associated with damaged teeth. If you have any issues including discolorations or stains with teeth or chipped and cracked by applying a dental crown over the top of the damaged tooth, you can help restore its function and improve its look. A single dental crown can often last for up to two decades, or in some cases, even longer depending on the care that you apply to your smile.

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