Reducing the Chance of Oral Infection in the Home

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Just as our team at Prosthodontics Associates, P.A. has to be conscious of and manage oral infection in the office, there are things you can do at home to reduce your probability of disease of the mouth, teeth and gums. Beyond the fundamentals of brushing and flossing, here are some tips to mull over:

Wash Your Hands: Your mom and teachers growing up doubtless told you to wash your hands frequently. Since your hands are one of the most frequent means of transportation for germs which can then have direct or indirect contact with your mouth, it’s very helpful to wash your hands often.

Use Mouthwash: Rinse out your mouth after brushing your teeth. This will do more to eradicate bacteria in the mouth.

Clean Dental Devices: If you have a mouth guard, retainer, dentures or another detachable dental device, rinse it with cool water after each use and brush it with toothpaste.

Keep Your Toilet Lid Closed While Flushing: Did you know that when you flush, little microscopic droplets of water from your toilet can spray up to eight feet above the toilet? This can even land on your toothbrush. That’s why it’s useful to close the lid while you flush.

Replace Your Toothbrush: Dr. Paul Best recommends that you change out your toothbrush every three or four months. If you have chronic gum disease, you’ll want to replace it every four to six weeks.

Do you have more questions or concerns about preventing infection in your home? If so, you can always contact our office in Portland, Maine at 207-775-6348 or talk to Dr. Paul Best at your next dental appointment.