Treatments for Your Smile: Composite Dental Fillings

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Oftentimes, dental erosion can occur to the point that a hole forms in your tooth enamel. If a hole forms, this is what is known as a cavity. To effectively treat cavities, the holes will need to be filled in with a highly durable material such as a composite filling.

Composite fillings are designed to be tooth-colored in appearance and can naturally match the look of your teeth. Composite fillings are known for their durability and can easily last seven to 10 years. Furthermore, they are more preventative to tooth fractures then dental amalgams and are also mercury-free. Dental fillings are also better sealants of the margins of teeth to prevent tooth leakage from occurring.

If you have a situation where a composite filling needs to be replaced, it will not need to be removed. This is because composite fillings can be repaired many times over without removing the original filling. Because composite fillings can match the natural color of your teeth, they can blend in seamlessly with your smile for an added layer of aesthetic beauty.

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